Frequently Asked Questions

Check out frequently asked questions before contacting us:

Would you be able to assist me with my office layout?

Our experienced team made of a space planner and designer is available to assist you with all the aspects of planning your office environment from conceptual layout, space utilisation, accessorisation and general aesthetic considerations, our team will walk you through the entire process.

What guarantees do you offer?

All our products are guaranteed against faulty workmanship. Be sure to discuss this with your consultant directly, as warrantees may differ between product types and applications.

Can you guarantee me range continuity?

We know, like all things, your business needs to grow and evolve all the time. Sourcing directly from local manufacturers puts us in a position to guarantee range continuity over a long period of time, as apposed to importers who have no control over the continued source of ranges.

How do I know I'm getting value for my money?

We source our products directly from local manufacturers, effectively eliminating all middle-man costs. Our long standing association with the local manufacturing sector offers us preferential pricing which we duly pass on to our clients.